What Causes Hip Pain?
There are many reasons for a painful hip, one of the most common being a problem with the mechanics of the pelvic joints especially the sacroiliac joints.

Osteoarthritis of the hip is also very common with about a quarter of the over 60's suffering to some degree.

What are the symptoms of Hip Pain?
The symptoms can vary but generally there will be discomfort in the groin, buttock and thigh, which is worst first thing after getting out of bed, after activity and in cold damp weather.

How can a Chiropractor treat Hip Pain?
When we see a patient with hip pain we will perform a thorough examination to identify the true cause of the pain. If it is a referred pain to the hip, then the prognosis is often fairly good.  If our examination shows an arthritic hip then the options are more limited.  There is no treatment that will cure a hip joint that has been damaged by osteoarthritis, however a chiropractor can help ease the discomfort of an arthritic hip and slow down the progress of the condition. Treatment usually will involve, gentle mobilisation, stretching and massage techniques along with exercise and nutritional advice.